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Missouri Bison Association

The Missouri Bison Association (MoBA) is a membership organization dedicated to the preservation, expansion, and promotion of the American Bison and the bison industry. If you have an interest in raising Bison, purchasing bison products, or just love these animals as much as we do, we invite you to join our organization.
You do not need to be a Missouri resident.

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Important News & Events

Annual Spring Show & Sale
Mokan Livestock Market,
Butler, Missouri
March 20, 2022

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MoBA Trading Post

The Trading Post

Your Online Resource

The Missouri Bison Association Trading Post is the place to sell and buy bison and bison related equipment or products. Looking to sell or buy in Missouri, this is the place to look.


Upcoming Events

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Two bison auctions are hosted by MoBA each year, one in the fall and the other in spring. The auctions provide a place where producers network, learn, make friends, and see animals from other herds.

Consumer Resources

Consumer Resources

What you can find in Missouri

Looking for bison meat, farm tours or other bison related opportunities in Missouri? Find it here in our Member Consumer Resource pages.

MoBA Talk

MoBA-Bison Talk

Your Information Resource

Have a question about bison, a problem with your herd, need advice or suggestions? This is the place to ask your questions.

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If you love bison as much as we do, then you need to join our MoBA family. We have the resources and friends to help you succeed.

Consumer Resources

The Grunt

Current and Archived Issues

The latest news from the Missouri Bison Association and the industry at large in the MoBA newsletter.
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About the
Missouri Bison Association

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Missouri Bison Association

The Missouri Bison Association is dedicated to preserving the American Bison through marketing, ranching, research, and education and works to promote and preserve bison through leadership, education and building public awareness of bison ranching and the bison meat industry. The Missouri Bison Association provides assistance in raising and producing bison among its membership and promotes the nutritional health aspects of bison to consumers.

The Missouri Bison Association welcomes anyone with an interest in this magnificent animal.

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Latest Market Trends

Price per CWT


Young Bulls
Grain Fed, $/cwt
(January 2021)


Bison Farms in Missouri
(2017 Census)

Bison in Missouri


Bison in Missouri (2017 Census)

Bison in US


Bison in the US
(2017 US Census)
in 1,775 farms

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Whether you are interested in joining the MoBA family or would just like some information about us or bison in general, we welcome hearing from you.