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We are Missouri Bison

The Missouri Bison Association (MoBA) is a membership organization dedicated to the preservation, expansion, and promotion of the American Bison and the bison industry. If you have an interest in raising Bison, purchasing bison products, or just love these animals as much as we do, we invite you to join our organization.

The Missouri Bison Association is dedicated to preserving the American Bison through marketing, ranching, research, and education and works to promote and preserve bison through leadership, education and building public awareness of bison ranching and the bison meat industry. The Missouri Bison Association provides assistance in raising and producing bison among its membership and promotes the nutritional health aspects of bison to consumers.

The Missouri Bison Association welcomes anyone with an interest in this magnificent animal.

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There are 89 members in the Association

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MoBA Board of Directors 2022


Donald Hockman
Lebanon , MO
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Daniel Bohnenkamp
Mountain Grove, MO
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Robert Long
Golden City, MO
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Danny Obert
Lockwood, MO
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Joe Berkstresser
Adair, OK
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Adair, OK


CJ Gallen
Lenox, MO
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Executive Director

Carol Morris
Bucklin, MO
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Whether you are interested in joining the MoBA family or would just like some information about us or bison in general, we welcome hearing from you.